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Although digitally-produced films dominate cinema programs, some filmmakers prefer to shoot on analog film stock. Empleos Webcam Trabajo Webcam para adultos A2zwebcamjobs.

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The Pulse of a City. These two dates mark the celebration of two yearly international archival events: The Home Movie Day is the yearly event celebrating amateur films around the globe.

The World Day of Audiovisual Heritage is celebrated every year on the 27th of October and is the official date recognized by the UNESCO to draw attention to the vulnerability of the audiovisual materials. The motto of the World Day of Audiovisual Heritage this year is: The public is invited to the EYE Collection Centre, to discover how the historical audiovisual material is preserved and made available by the specialists.

As in the past years, there will be a special focus on the historical film machines, this year particularly on amateur equipment and lesser known formats, in conjunction with the Hoe Movie Day. The open days provide an opportunity to see and find out more about: It is also possible to have a guided tour about the EYE study, the biggest and most professionally specialized Dutch library on cinema.

On Oct, 28th, there will be two additional events related to the Home Movie Day; a celebration of the 95 years of 9,5mm stock and a screening of home movies, in collaboration with the Stichting Amateurfilm and the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision. Please note that the activities are free of charge and open to all.

Reservation is not required. The doors are open on Friday For ten years Stirling University Retired Staff Association SURSA has been recording audio and video interviews with those who were there from the beginning; a long-term activity which will continue into the future. For Graham and his friends, it was exciting and challenging, like the academic and architectural plans which were developed for this, the only new university in Scotland.

The first deputy principal, Fred Holliday, tells us how Stirling broke the mould by admitting students not to a faculty but to the university enabling students to cross academic boundaries.

Peter McEwen, the founding professor of psychology, remembers how he gave the very first lecture. There are interviews with staff who made this fledgling community work — with administrators, librarians, technicians, cleaners, porters, the first director of the Macrobert Arts Centre and the instructors in the Gannochy Sports Centre.

There are also interviews with students old and new, including the initial intake of and student presidents like Lord Jack McConnell, later First Minister of Scotland. Many were attracted to come to an untried institution by the beauty of the campus, some by the innovative academic structure, and some by the fact that the university was new and that they would be pioneers.

The interviews record self-discovery and academic engagement as well as some frustrations and disappointments. There are lots of interviews about more recent life in the university too — they are all accessible on the SURSA Oral History website at: You can search for particular names or events. It so happened that our last AVF meeting of the year coincided with this historic day. I have also invited service providers and suppliers to showcase archiving equipment and systems.

This event will have thematic panels and presentations by important institutions and professionals of the cinematographic work and especially of the field of audiovisual preservation. Friday, October 27th 9: The concept of orphan films acquired an academic and creative entity in the s from new approaches to managing film archives. At that time, orphan films simply identified films without copyright or abandoned by their owners or custodians.

However, the term gradually widened to include any kind of footage which has been abandoned, found or forgotten for commercial, material, cultural, political and historical reasons: The Anonymous Cinema exhibition covers all of the different meanings of orphan films: The central space of the exhibition will also be occupied by a selection from the long tradition of Basque amateur film.

The three-day seminar, which is open to the general public, will bring together renowned specialists, curators, visual artists, filmmakers and academics working on orphan films and secrets of the archives. This past summer, the Ryerson Library Archives and Special Collections department received a generous donation of magic lantern slides and projectors from John Tysall.

These 19th-century projectors were the entertainment du jour for children and adults, right up until the mid 20th century. Audio-visual recordings, films, radio and television programs, advertisements as the audio-visual heritage materials belong to the cultural heritage. The preservation of the audio-visual products, works and materials for the future is cruical as they belong to the knowledge and culture accumulation and help to raise awareness in this perspective.

As Turkish National Commission for Unesco we planned a three days event including a conference and film screenings between October at Kadir Has University, Istanbul in cooperation with Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Istanbul and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Academics, scholars and experts working on the subject of audio-visual heritage and its preservation from Turkey, Serbia, Romania, Italy and England are participating in the conference to share their knowledge and experience.

The conference and film screenings are open to students, academics and researchers. The end session of the conference will provide a forum to discuss the topics of the audio-visual heritage and its preservation among the participants and with the audience. The conference proceedings will be published.

Saturday, October 28th 1: Although digitally-produced films dominate cinema programs, some filmmakers prefer to shoot on analog film stock. Their work gives rise to new, hybrid forms of expression which defy conventional categorization, and at the same time opens up new ways of perceiving film in cinemas. Darkness, light and a story on 35mm. Dual projection is used to present images not only in succession but side-by-side, superimposed and disordered. In this way, Lützeler explores the relationship between the Indian film industry and its own visual cosmos.

The distinctions between all these different formats become apparent not only in their visual aesthetics but also in how the choice of format determines certain methods of filmmaking.

On October 27, both analog and digital film projectors will run simultaneously for the first time at Filmmuseum Potsdam. The filmmakers Anouk de Clercq and Bernd Lützeler will be present for the screenings and will talk afterwards about the significance of different film formats not only in their own respective bodies of work but also in contemporary cinema and culture in general.

While digital film is an undeniable part of our current and future heritage, the event emphasizes the importance of historic practices and the use of analog material in contemporary filmmaking. Analog film is alive and continues to thrive.

Light and Clattering Film Projectors? Anouk de Clercq, Bernd Lützeler Emcee: English version below Bekijk meer dan 50 unieke filmpjes over onze vrije tijd. Welke beelden horen absoluut thuis in ons collectief geheugen? Voeg ze toe aan je beeldcapsule op www. We delen een vijftigtal unieke archiefbeelden van verschillende media-, erfgoed- en podiumkunstenorganisaties op onze website, waarbij de bezoekers het verleden kunnen instappen. De geselecteerde beelden geven niet alleen een beter inzicht in het verleden.

De filmpjes leren ons ook iets over onszelf en hoe we onze eigen vrije tijd kunnen interpreteren en vormgeven. Samen met onze partners, maar ook met het brede publiek, willen we deze beelden koesteren, tot leven brengen en bewaren voor de toekomst.

Watch over 50 unique videos about our free time. With 29 partners, we focus on the theme of 'Leisure'. The videos also teach us something about ourselves and how we can interpret and shape our own free time. Together with our partners, but also with the general public, we want to cherish these videos, bring them to life and save them for the future.

Celebrate with us the World day for Audiovisual heritage, which will take place on 27 October Remember, Share and don't forget to reserve: Movie and Sound Firenze motion picture lab opens the lab doors to take you in the magic world of Motion picture film production and post-production! Al no cubrir las expectativas de sus inversionistas, la empresa se declara en quiebra total.

A partir de este suceso, se plantea el darle una coherencia a los rollos existentes. On October 27th, the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage will draw attention to the unique value of Audiovisual Documents for the collective memory. And follow our timeline to learn more about key moments in the history of recorded sound.

We tell a story of sound recording and explore the importance of sound in capturing history, how radio transformed society in the 20th century and how the way we listen has changed as new technologies have emerged and old ones become obselete. Accompanying the exhibition, which runs until 11 March , is a Season of Sound, https: And on 26 October, NTS radio will broadcast an hour-long programme featuring rare field recordings of natural sounds from the collection.

This conference will present a remarkable opportunity to bring researchers and practitioners together for three days to discuss critical preservation issues and focus on strategies that will support and encourage collaboration and interoperability between industry and the preservation, restoration and archiving communities.

Some important themes will be addressed: Our conference committee brings ample experience and industry bona fides within the academic, scientific and professional audio archiving, preservation and restoration communities.

This screening's been a long time coming. Lost for half a century, films were discovered buried under a sub-arctic swimming pool in a remote part of Canada. Frozen Time is a feature film that quite literally pieces together history and features rare footage from the early silent era. Filmmaker Bill Morrison joins us with archivists and conservation specialists for a post screening insight into this scrupulous and fascinating process.

The screening is one of the events which marks the 40th anniversary of the North West Film Archive in Vanessa will show some clips of her 20 favourite early films that enabled discoveries in film history - help people remember the importance of entertainment and by virtue of the archives are now being shared and discovered.

Book your place now! The result was presented in the "Cannes Classiques" session of the french contest. The film talks about light and time, for us a metaphor of what we do with films to preserve them in time. The presentation will be on Friday the 27th at 19pm by Mariona Bruzzo. A tribute to Carles Barba, author of an entire patrimonial legacy about the catalan society and its contrasts.

And not only a tribute; a new step to let the new generations know his films and all his trajectory. In celebration of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, we present a powerful documentary telling the story of the displacement of a Dublin working class community through the film and video archives of the community itself. Drawing on hundreds of hours of local material from the past thirty years, the film explores themes of loss, community, hope and defiance as the residents of Ballymun watch their familiar landscape and way of living vanish over the course of two decades.

What does Chelmsford sound like? Join us on a new sound walk event. The morning will include a walk around Chelmsford, where you will learn how to make sound recordings. In the afternoon, you will learn the basics of editing sound recordings at the Essex Record Office. Specialist in tricks and special effects, he contributed to the consolidation of film language, linked to magic and fantasy. The program, which will be screened also on 28th October, will be accompanied by live music.

An intimate portrait of a Vermont woman who lived on her farm in Middlebury with fifty horses. December 19, 27 min Awards: The film documents the changes in Vermont dairy farming over the past years and was shot all over the state.

National Film Center has arranged to inspect and to project our 70mm films and we are pleased to have the very first 70mm screening at National Film Center since our opening in Through the screening of our 70mm collection Dersu Uzala Dir. Akira Kurosawa, , we hope to share with the audience the importance of archiving film culture. The event will launch a new scheme providing student filmmakers at UK universities with access to archive material from the BFI National Archive and will be beneficial to students and educators interested in working with archive content on course-related film and media projects.

The new scheme follows a successful pilot at Kingston University earlier this year, where 12 films from the BFI National Archive were creatively reused to inspire student video essays and short documentaries under an educational license.

On the occasion of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, Cinemateket Oslo will screen three new documentaries dealing with film heritage issues and contemporary cinema culture:. Today, in an era where analog celluloid strips are disappearing, and given the diversity of digital moving picture formats, there is much more at stake: Are we facing the massive loss of collective audiovisual memory?

Is film dying, or just changing? Cinema Futures travels to international locations and, together with renowned filmmakers, museum curators, historians and engineers, dramatizes the future of film and the cinema in the age of digital moving pictures. Frozen Time is indescribable not because it's ambiguous it's totally straightforward but because it does so many things so beautifully it is hard to know where to begin. Philipp Hartmann made a film, toured the German cinema scene with it and made that into a film too: Shared love entails shared suffering: As part of the exhibition, it will be possible to listen to sound records with memories of the inhabitants of this area, that worked as extras in The Birch tree.

It will include a wide range of topics on the protection and preservation of the Croatian film heritage, its potentials for development and the European practices in this area. The user will be provided with the option to view and research the detailed information of more than 2, film works from the period with a runtime of more than hours.

Official footage, War newsreels and War bond propaganda films. In addition there is offered access to Federal German newsreels and works that had been commissioned by the Federal Press Office between Within the introduction of the Filmarchives and filmothek the copyright situation and their cosequences for streaming and download will be a main topic.

About half an hour longer than the originally released version, this minute director's cut will allow audiences to savour this internationally renowned work that won Maggie Cheung the first Silver Bear award for a Hong Kong actress, in all its nostalgic splendor and historic charm.

Director Stanley Kwan subverts the biopic genre with this s classic, which traces legendary s Chinese screen diva Ruan Lingyu's ascent to fame and her fall from grace.

It's also a fascinating trip into the golden era of Shanghai's once-illustrious film industry — often compared to Hong Kong cinema's own golden era — showing some of its most prominent figures through Ruan's eyes. In a surprising dialectic twist, Kwan cuts into the film's core narrative with black-and-white interview footage of his actors speaking about their characters, real footage of Ruan's works and behind-the-scenes footage from Kwan's set.

An enlightening examination of the bond between life and art, this minute director's cut is a testament to Hong Kong cinema's creative power. The luminous and photogenic film star Louise Brooks has been a symbol for the preservation of film heritage for generations. She was even buried in Rochester, and George Eastman Museum has brilliantly restored Beggars of Life, one of her finest films.

Not forgetting that Brooks herself was a brilliant film historian, essayist and memoirist. Content in the program ranges from amateur to professionally made film including from local film makers, Hilda Brodie-Smith, George Stucki and Cyril Townsend.

This event is part of Wellington City Heritage Week. See more events at: The third annual Digital Directions symposium brings together thought leaders, policy makers and key players in the GLAM gallery, library, archive, museum sector to work through the big picture issues surrounding the digitisation of cultural collections.

This year we turn our focus to the users of digital collections. We ask how collecting institutions can better facilitate access to the educators, researchers and creators served by the GLAM sector. We also showcase the institutional innovators in user-centric research and design.

Provoked by the injustice, she takes matters into her own hands. Deborra-lee Furness gives her best in a strong, provocative role. Excellent support comes from Simone Buchanan as a young woman who gains the courage to fight back.

George Eastman Museum Preservationist Anthony L'Abbate joins us to discuss the Technicolor dye-transfer process prior to the screening. The conference include a wide range of topics on the protection and preservation of the Croatian film heritage, its potentials for development, and the European practices in this area.

It is organized by the Deutsche Kinemathek on behalf of the Deutscher Kinematheksverbund association of German cinematheques. Associated lectures and workshop talks will devote themselves to questions surrounding the digitalization of film heritage.

Archives would only be able to advance the digitalization of film heritage in a very limited way without the cooperation of the license holders. Contact points between archives and active copyright holders are diverse. The source materials are stored in the archives and the technical expertise required for dealing with the historical film material can be found there as well.

However, without the consent and support of the copyright holders, these resources pertaining to archival works can only be conditionally used and further developed. Where do the objectives and means of archives and license holders overlap during the digitalization of film heritage? The integration of living copyright holders and authors for example directors and camera crews into the digitalization process, can be extremely valuable for treatment that is true to the original, but it can also produce areas of friction.

The desire for a creative revision, for instance, may be opposed to scholarly or archivist standards. Then again, making different versions could also be a way to do justice to divergent requirements.

This year Cinemateket will focus on one of Sweden's national minorities, the Sami. Films that wanted to document and show the Sami way of life. We will screen three of these. To celebrate the international World Day of Audiovisual Heritage as well as the worldwide film viewing party Directed by Women , the IU Libraries Moving Image Archive presents a screening of recently acquired movies by women filmmakers. This eclectic mix of films will include travelogs showing the exotic destinations of the s Jet Age, footage of scientific studies of infant development from the s, domestic scenes from Bloomington and Indianapolis, and melodramatic training films for nurses from the s.

Click here to add an image to illustrate your event Cancel. The Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations CCAAA is a global network of eight international nongovernmental organizations dealing with all aspects of audiovisual archiving on a professional level. The deadline to send in your proposal has been extended until 8 July Happy World Day for Audiovisual Heritage! Display the contributions from:. Number of events listed so far:. Sharjah Institue of Heritage. Sharjah Institute for Heritage.

An audiovisual review of the Federation with active particpants since Cinemateca Brasileira celebrates the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage presenting a week of open-air screenings. From Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 October, we will be exhibiting the following films in 35mm prints restored by Cinemateca: Countering audiovisual preservation challenges with creativity and community. Film festival on discovering amateur and experimental cinema of XX century.

On the occasion of the 65th birthday of Encyclopaedia Cinematographica. My lease says either party can terminate by giving the other party 30 days written notice.

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I did give a 30 day notice that i,was moving. Once I got the 3 day quite, I called the management company and he had stated that if I turned in the keys before my 3 days was up that they would not peruse legal actions. So I turned in my keys. They then still charged for the full months rent. Is there anything I can do about this. They made it sound like I was going to get prorated when I turned in the keys. Please help I have twin toddlers that are special needs I can not be evicted I just spent all my money to move in?

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If so, then you are in the appropriate location buddy. Keep your eyes peeled for major carpet sales at locazl home improvement stores. So, I plan on moving out in two weeks. It never even occurred to me that I would have to give notice. I just assumed that unless I expressed interest in renewing the lease, it would be assumed that I would be leaving.

I just saw in my lease that I need to give 60 days notice. Do I have any legal options or loopholes I can pursue? When I moved in, the gated community and the pool was one of the selling points. Earlier this year, the gate was broken for 3 months. In that time, my friend was visiting and their car was broken into. During that same time, the pool was shut down for about 3 weeks.

Since these were selling points for the community, is there any sort of leeway that I would be able to arrange? I am in a month to month lease past my original lease contract, and I found a new place, and if I give my 30 day notice in the middle of the month do I still pay the whole month evan though ill be out of the old place before the 30 days are up?

Im in Nevada and I can find any laws pertaining to this issue, please advise. What kind of notice takes the amount reaction time and what is possible to better the message. She is also behind a Silicon Valley reality show shown earlier this year in the US.

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They offer the consumer more freedom of choice, an ecological capsule, and a low price. I would like to no once I give my landlord a 30 day notice and want to leave before my 30 days is up could I be in trouble for leaving early me and my husband are leaving out of state and we wont have the rent money for our new place if I have to stay here and pay the rent here we pay month to month here the 25th of every month and we never got a lease for our place could you please give me a answer to this Thank You.

So I had been renting a room out, and my tenant who told me, his girlfriend and him needed to find a place by oct 1st, due to a custody battle she was having. He told me this last week of july.

When he went to start applying for housing both him and his girlfriend were both being declined, even when his father co signed. It wasnt till Aug 10th he was approved.

This is when he and I both agreed the 30 day notice would start. Because the other place that he was moving into, was ready to move in prior to the end of the agreed 30 days, he decided to move everything he had into the new place and stay there.

And still agreed that he would pay till the end of the 30 days. After moving out, when I contacted him to figure out a way to receive payment, he decided because he moved out early he didnt have to pay the rest.

His argument is that he told me he had to be out by oct 1, even though no moving date was definite , before the aug 10th. Am I wrong to say he still owes me the full amount?

Thaqnk youu foor some other excellent post. The place else may anybody get that type of info in such a perfect method of writing? Feel free to surf too my page … help wanted. My landlord broke our lease early because he wants to live here again. They gave us a 60 days notice but they said they wont pay us for breaking the lease unless we stay through October. We have no agreement to do that so do they still have to pay for breaking the lease?

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We have taken the responsibility to pay rent the last 2 months and other house bills the last 2 months because she. Can she stay here and not pay anything? Just show up after 2 months and barge in? I gave my landlord a 30 days notice to vacate the property around the 12th of september and was advised to be out before then because it would affect me getting all my deposit.

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