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Mariana Zilli Calabresi Clique ao email forumidoso forumdoidoso. En el Internet en www. Provincia de Marga Marga: Provincia de San Felipe: Provincia de Los Andes: Provincia de San Antonio: Provincia de Isla de Pascua: Zaida Esquivel Tecleo al email z esquivel ageco. Rosy Pereyra Tecleo al email rosy pereyra gmail. Liliana Giraldo Tecleo al email l giraldor yahoo. Lunes 13 de junio de - - Lugar: Martes 14 de junio de - - Lugar: Rueda de prensa Objetivo: Jueves 16 de junio de - - Lugar: Personas de diferentes grupos de edad.

Programas que leventan el tema de los abusos que se cometen contra las personas mayores en nuestras agendas nacionales. Actividades 15 de junio Tecleo para transferir Afiche.

Tecleo para transferir Programa. Gina Bardelli Tecleo al email gina bardelli yahoo. Porque haya un mejor trato entre las generaciones. Splatsin Health Services Venue: Speakers will discuss "what is Elder Abuse", "what to do about it".

Politicians and community members have been invited to attend. For registration information, please telephone On the web at Splatsin. Patricia Bell Click here to e-mail patricia bell splatsin Telephone: Elder Abuse Forum Sponsored by: Video of Elder Abuse. For further info, click to e-mail fernwoodtrc gmail Contact: Linda Wiebe Click to e-mail Lwiebe shaw Telephone: Walking with us is a local primary school to show their support. Many different organizations who have an interest in promoting quality of life for our elders are invited.

No cost, just show up and have fun. Fur further info, please contact: BlogTalkRadio and iLinc Webinar Wednesday, June 15, Beginning at 1pm Eastern On this 30 minute radio segment, listeners will hear national experts discuss the realities of our aging population, the impact this has on society, the dynamics of ageism, and how community-based programs can work together to prevent and respond to abuse and neglect in later life.

Visit this link on June 15th at 1pm: Guardian Awareness Campaign Sponsored by: Leading up to June 15 the association will alert its membership of nearly people about WEAAD encouraging them to wear purple ribbons and to observe the day.

Members will be provided a news release to announce their participation to local media and will be given ideas for implementing projects in their local areas.

State guardianship associations that are affiliated with NGA will also be asked to organize events or opportunities within their state. They have come together to create a voice for these silent victims of abuse and financial exploitation.

In recognition of International Elder Abuse Awareness Day, approximately 35 citizens from 15 states are traveling to Capitol Hill where they will share the stories of their incapacitated elderly or disabled loved ones who have been silent victims of abuse and exploitation. They will each talk about their experience in their state and how it impacted their own lives and the lives of their families. Those interested in attending to listen only click here to e-mail stopelderabuse On the web at www.

Latifa Ring Click here to e-mail stopelderabuse. The goal of the taskforce is to be a voice for those who have no voice, sharing their stories with each other, with agencies and with leaders on the Hill who have the power to make a difference and to bring an end to this travesty. The taskforce will deliver a petition signed by over people asking for national reform, will meet with legislators and will convene a session to craft recommendations for change to end elder and guardianship abuse.

This event is not accepting anymore people to present but is open to those interested in learning more about the problems of elder abuse and financial exploitation of incapacitated elderly and disabled adults. Join the Arizona Fiduciaries Association: Protect Arizona's Elders Sponsored by: The Arizona Fiduciaries Association Venue: Throughout Arizona, Visit www.

Members of the Arizona Fiduciaries Association will promote elder abuse awareness and prevention on Wednesday, June 15 throughout Arizona. To help educate our communities about this important issue, we invite you to join our effort in protecting one of Arizona's most valuable resources - our elders.

Education tables with literature on elder abuse, prevention and reporting. Collection of donations of bottled water and canned goods to donate to homeless shelter for seniors. Pledge Petition signifying the commitment of Arizona's citizens to make elder abuse awareness and prevention a priority in protecting Arizona's vulnerable citizens. Wear purple to demonstrate your commitment to preventing and reporting elder abuse and standing together to protect Arizona's vulnerable citizens.

For More Information, on the web at www. Charity Antal Click here to e-mail charity azfid. Interested in having a table at the event! Renee Paquier Click here to e-mail renee. Carla Cisi Click here to e-mail carla. Elder Abuse Awareness Day Sponsored by: Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence Venue: Boulder Senior Services Arapahoe Ave.

Marisol Click here to e-mail marisol safehousealliance Telephone: A day of information sharing and awareness raising about the prevention of abuse, where the resources are, and most importantly;. For further information, please telephone ext. Monday, May 2, From 9: Tuesday, May 31, From Thursday, June 9, From 1: Local seniors will dialogue with local banking officials about their services directed toward them.

Seniors will also learn how to prevent from being a victim of financial fraud and scams. For further info, please contact: Click here to download. Event coordinated for outreach to financial community to bring awareness of elder financial exploitation. Marilyn Gregory Click here to e-mail M. Gail Holton Click here to e-mail G. Sarah Rode Click here to e-mail Sarah elderaffairs Telephone: Lisa Bretz Click here to e-mail Lisa elderaffairs Telephone: Battell Community Center N.

Though attendance is free, because of limited space, please RSVP by phone or e-mail to: Laura Sevy Click to e-mail fjcsjc. This entire event is free, including any agencies or businesses who would like to have an information table at the event. Please contact Laura for details or further information.

Remember to wear something purple to show your support! Please RSVP by phone or e-mail as seating is limited. Raising Elder Abuse Awareness Sponsored by: Hosted by Scarborough Terrace and Greenwood.

Certificates will be available. Please register to attend this event. To attend, please RSVP by e-mail or phone to: Johanna Gilland Click here to e-mail homehelpers. David Gilland On the web at www. Raising Awareness to Elder Abuse Home Helpers will offer a presentation for raising the community's awareness on elder abuse.

Hosted by Scarborough Terrace. Registration is requested due to limited seating. Our theme this year is 3Rs: This event is free and open to the public.

Alice Mann Click here to e-mail dutchessmediation. They will draw on their extensive knowledge and experience with elder abuse in exploring the 3Rs: After the presentations, participants will break into small groups for more in-depth discussions. The event will be attended by a wide spectrum of service providers, agencies, officials and interested community members.

It is free and open to the public. Fight Fraud, Shred Instead! Contact West Central Human Services at for more information. Jajajaja bueno, aunque cuando te lo hacen en sano juicio lo piensas mejor. Excelente herramienta las preguntas que incluyes y las que han expuesto en algunos comentarios. Gracias por el aporte Carlos. Realmente util, aprendes miles de cosas que pasabas por alto de otra persona.

Una pregunta q yo suelo hacer es: Me ayuda a saber sus prioridades y deseos. Me gusta mucho este post que hiciste, da muchas ideas para hacer preguntas interesantes asi sea con amigos para conocer los mejor. Ansio por ver mas posts tuyos. No es que no quiera , si no que tengo complicaciones a la hora de responder preguntas simples que apelan a pensamiemtos mas profundos que los que aparentan. Hola Locoso, creo que es normal. Todo depende del grado de confianza que tengamos ya con nuestro interlocutor.

Me parecen muy, muy interesantes ambas preguntas. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de leer los comentarios con calma y contestarlos. Es interesante el blog, sin embargo creo que vale mucho la propia creatividad que tengamos y la profundidad que uno mismo tenga para llegar a conocer a esa personita especial… Felicidades por el foro.

Me quedo con la Creo que nunca se me hubiera pasado ni remotamente esa pregunta por la cabeza. Ni nunca me la han hecho. El problema es para aquellas personas que no tengan coche.

Hay una que pregunto mucho a los viajeros y es: Perdon por meterme en la conversacion…Yo supongo que el maletero se puede sustituir por mochila, no creen? Jajaja creo que la primera respuesta que comentas es muy habitual, Nathalia. La pregunta 16 es muy relativa, yo no mataria al amor de mi vida, ni a mi hijo ni a mis padres ni a un hermano….

En este caso se refiere a una persona desconocida, pero lo importante es tener una respuesta. Xq casi nadies creo q acierta, y otra vez muchas gracias. Hola Karin, gracias a ti por leer el blog. Hola, me han servido mucho estas preguntas para comenzar a conocer a un chico, pero cuando le he preguntado q q superpoder elegiria me ha contestado manejar el tiempo y no se muy bien q quiere decir con eso jajaja. Lo que quiero tratar de decir, es que hay que ser curiosos, realicen preguntas que ayuden a cambiar su mundo y van a ver que llegada una conversacion todo fluira de manera natural y original.

Hola Pipelon, gracias por tus aportes. Interesantes preguntas que se salen de lo tipico de una conversacion y por ende la hace mas fluida y profunda, por lo tanto primeramente el que pregunta y el que responde se van conociendo mas asimismos acerca si son mas logicos o emocionales…. Y trabajar sobre ellos de forma honesta hasta llegar a un compromiso por ambas partes. Muchas gracias por este post!! Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de hacer esto!!!

Muy buen post, de hecho me parecen buenas preguntas. Esta pregunta sirve para saver que piensa la persona con quien hablais de uno mismo. Espero que os guste. Me gusta contestar preguntas y aprovecho que me regalaron un cuaderno nuevo para escribir, de hecho, ya que estoy te paso mi blog: Eso saca a la luz la creatividad de uno mismo que a veces esta tan encerrada. Hola Pau,hace poco que conozco el blog y voy leyendo cuando tengo un rato.


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