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Repite sin cesar frases sin sentido, se come las palabras, aulla farfulla, salta de un asunto a otro, se come palabras, emite inentendibles gorgoteos. Stop toying with that button, you are going to break it.

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El problema de los 60 melones. En esta figura que aclara el problema de los 60 melones. Los poetas y la Amistad. El cuentista y el calculista. El caso de las 90 manzanas. La Ciencia y la Caridad. La perla de Lilavati. La base AB de ese paralelogramo es la semicircunferencia rectificada? El problema de los tres marineros. La ciencia y el mar.

Resulta interesante observar las diversas formas dadas a las cifras usuales al correr de los siglos. En el cuadro de arriba podemos observar, a partir de la primera columna de la izquierda, los guarismos 1, 2, 3, 4 y 5. Progreso de la alumna invisible.

El rey Mazin y las prisiones de Khorazan. Un verso, un problema y una leyenda. La justicia del rey Mazin. El instante de tiempo. Queda resuelta nuestra partida para la India. El epitafio de Diofanto. Una carta de Hassan. Which team are you rooting for? Se utiliza casi siempre en los tiempos continuos. You don't have to keep rubbing it in! No hace falta que lo sigas restregando por las narices. Se utiliza mucho con el pronombre "it".

It's not a bad idea. I wouldn't rule it out. No es una mala idea. I ran across an article in the newspaper about your father's company. The police chased after the thieves for over an hour. Run along now, I'm working. Vete ahora, estoy trabajando. Se suele utilizar en el imperitivo. I need a nap. I've been running around all morning. Their son ran away from home last week, but luckily the police have found him.

I was almost run down by a bus today on my way to work. I was able to run down that part you need for your car. Turn off the car or you are going to run down the battery. We ran into some problems with the neighbors recently. Nos encontramos con algunos problemas con los vecinos recientemente. Her father ran off with another woman. Su padre se fue con otra mujer. We have run out of materials.

We need to go to the store. Nos hemos quedado sin materiales. Tenemos que ir a la tienda. The child was run over by a bus and killed.

Can you run over the script with me one last time? You need to stop spending so much money. You are running up a lot of debt. Tienes que dejar de gastar tanto dinero. Stop screwing around, we have work to do! Her ex-husband really screwed her over when he left her. I think I really screwed up that last exam.

I just hope I pass the course. Espero que apruebe el curso. I'll see about the options for you. We are going to the airport to see them off. Vamos al aeropuerto a despedirlos. I know you are tired, but we have to see this project out.

I could see right through him. She was bored so she set about cleaning the house. It's their teamwork that sets them apart. Es su trabajo en equipo el que les distingue. You boys need to set aside your difference and work together. Today's meeting has been set back to 4pm. Set down your bag and give me a hug. Deja la maleta y dame un abrazo. The budget cuts have set off demonstrations in the streets. Los recortes han causado manifestaciones en las calles.

What time are you setting off? They are busy setting up the exhibition at the moment. You set me up! You knew it wouldn't work. The kids need to settle down before we go out. It's time you got a job and settled down.

Es el momento para conseguir un trabajo y instalarte. They didn't have the model I wanted in blue, so I settled for the red one. We couldn't agree, so we settled on an alternative. One last drink and then I will settle up, ok? I can't shake off this feeling that there is something wrong with him. The accident really shook her up. There has been a big shake up at work. I just hope I still have a job! The business plan is shaping up nicely.

If you don't shape up, your father and I are not going to buy you that car you want. Si no mejoras, tu padre y yo no te vamos a comprar el coche que deseas. My boss shot my idea down at the meeting today. I'm shooting for a high mark on my entrance exam. Prices have shot up since last year. She tried to hide her feelings of sadness, but they showed through anyways.

The factory will be shut down next week. Please shut off the lights when you leave. Don't shut him out, I think he has a lot to contribute. No lo excluyas, creo que tiene mucho que aportar. I signed up for the class as soon as I could. The fact that she's gone still hasn't sunk in. It didn't take long for her to sink into a deep sleep. I'm going to sit this game out, I am exhausted.

No voy a jugar en este partido, estoy agotado. My infant son sat up for the first time on his own yesterday. The best cure for a hangover is to sleep it off. La mejor cura para la resaca es dormir. My best friend is sleeping over tonight. Mi mejor amiga se queda a dormir en mi casa esta noche. Our vacation slipped by too quickly. It's a fantastic opportunity.

You simply can't let it slip away! I'm so sorry but I slipped up and mentioned the party to Jenny. Slow down please, you are driving too fast! I need you to speed things up, we are losing time! We have spun off a new brand of our children's clothes. Stand back when I light the BBQ.

We are standing by and waiting for instructions from the captain. How can you stand for that kind of treatment? Se suele utilizar en frases negativas. What does IBM stand for? I couldn't make it to the rehearsal so Bob is standing in for me. She stood up and walked out of the restaurant.

I can't believe he stood you up! No puedo creer que te dejara plantado. How can you let him treat you that way? You must stand up for yourself! My son stood up to the school bully yesterday.

The police stepped up security for the demonstration. Why don't you stick around and we'll talk. I know you don't like it, but I am sticking by my decision. She stuck out her thumb and waited for someone to give her a ride. I know you're tired, but you have to stick to it. The project's almost finished. Why don't you stick up for your sister when the kids tease her? Some of the demonstrators were stirring up trouble with the police.

I'll stop by later and bring you that book. There will be a stop off in Barcelona on the way to Paris. After the argument she stormed off. After the company let him go, he decided to strike off in a different direction. It was a long flight so I struck up a conversation with the man sitting next to me. How did he string you along for so long? Check out this article I stumbled on in the local newspaper. To sum up, I would recommend stronger measures in the fight against climate change.

We are going to the beach, do you want to tag along? Se usa mucho en pasiva o como participio pasado. My son takes after his father. Mi hijo se parece a su padre. No se puede utilizar en tiempos continuos. The mechanic had to take apart the whole engine to determine the problem. My parents took away my mobile because I came home late on Saturday.

When do you have to take the books back to the library? This song always takes me back to my university years. We are taking down the exhibition next week. Take down my phone number just in case. The dog looked abandoned so we took it in. Slow down, this is a lot to take in all at once! Of course he's exhausted.

He's always taking too much on. The restaurant will take on four more waiters for the high season. The company will be taken over by a multinational next year. She couldn't complete her term so they found a new girl to take over.

Come by this afternoon and I'll take you through the plans. Ven esta tarde y repasamos los planes. She took to skiing after the very first day. The table takes up too much space in the kitchen so we moved it to the dining room.

I have taken up yoga. He empezado a hacer yoga. I think I will take you up on your offer. Don't talk back to me or you will go to your room for the rest of the day! Don't talk down to me, I'm not an idiot! I didn't want to go, but my sister talked me into it. I was ready to quit, but my husband talked me out of it.

If you want to sell, you have to talk up the products. Si quieres vender, tienes que exagerar los productos. We teamed up in order to finish the project on time. Nos asociamos para terminar el proyecto a tiempo. He tore up the draft and started again. The movie was so engaging, I couldn't tear myself away.

They are tearing down the mall to build an even bigger one. My parents tore into me the minute I walked in the door. She told him off after he was late again.

My brother is always telling on me to my parents. Let's go for a drive, I want to test out the new car. Vamos a dar un paseo, quiero probar el nuevo coche. I was thinking ahead and bought some extra food, just in case. I was just thinking back to that day when we first met. Best to think it over before you make a decision. We must think up an excuse for why we are late. Don't throw that away, it might be useful later.

I bought a new computer yesterday and they threw in a free printer. They should throw that guy out, he's really drunk. Se suele utilizar mucho en la voz pasiva. They will be here soon, we're going to have to just throw something together. She was so drunk she threw up. His behavior really ticked me off. You cannot go out with your friends until you tidy up your room.

All of the events are meant to tie in with the anniversary. The police were tipped off by a witness to the robbery. If you're not careful, that's going to tip over.

Si no vas con cuidado, va a volcar. It's a good letter, but you might want to tone it down a bit. You don't want to upset him. Es una buena carta, pero tal vez quieras bajar un poco el tono. Your salary will top out after 5 years.

I will top up the gas tank on my way home. We tossed around a few ideas, but we didn't make any decisions. He tossed back two beers and left the bar. The plane just touched down. The court's decision touched off demonstrations in the street. He only touched on the opposition's argument. Can you touch up the image a little before we publish it? Stop toying with that button, you are going to break it. I have been toying with the idea of moving for awhile now. He estado contemplando la idea de trasladarme por un tiempo ahora.

We are trying out some new marketing materials. Estamos probando algunos nuevos materiales de marketing. Our son is trying out for the football team this afternoon. It's so hard to tune him out. He never stops talking! His long time assistant turned against him. It was a difficult year, but things are starting to turn around. The club was full so they turned us away. We had only walked a few blocks when it started to rain so we had to turn back.

It was a great offer, but I had to turn it down. Era una gran oferta, pero tuve que rechazarla. Please turn down the volume, I'm working.

Por favor baje el volumen, estoy trabajando. All projects must be turned in by the end of the week. Todos los proyectos deben ser entregados al final de la semana.

What started as a nice day has turned into a disaster! I forgot to turn off the lights. How did the dinner turn out? The whole town turned out for the festivities. The factory turned out hundreds of thousands of cars before they had to close due to the crisis. Turn the page over and you will see the image I told you about. The company is always turning over the staff.

The owner is turning over the keys to us next week. You're the only person I can turn to. I love this song! I didn't think you would turn up here after what happened last week. Have you been waited on yet? What time do you usually wake up in the morning? It's your turn to do the washing up. Es tu turno de fregar los platos. The floor is wet. Are you free on Saturday? I need someone to watch over the kids for a couple of hours.

Congress watered down the bill so as to make it almost completely ineffective. Driving like that, you are going to wear away the brakes.

I think those pills you gave me this morning are starting to wear off. A new discovery of human remains confirms the level of insecurity in the region. The latest discovery of human remains confirms the level of insecurity in the region. Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own. Is something important missing?

Report an error or suggest an improvement. New Year n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. In light of this new situation or: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end.

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